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25Feb 2019

Sound Insulation

Posted 26.12.2018
Zhanar Samayeva
Managed by Zhanar Samayeva

BI Group is one of the leaders of the housing market in Kazakhstan. It has built 7 000 apartments in 2017 and, in the entire history, the company has built total of 5 million square meters of housing and industrial area. However, a global problem of sound insulation is also inherent to the buildings of the company. Due to the great amount of construction, there is a necessity for the company to find a way of obtaining high-quality solution method that would be effective and also economically beneficial.

If you can offer a new and effective method, a new soundproofing material or something else, then your solution suits us!

Come, create and scale your startup with us! We look forward to your participation!

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